Best Train Game Apps for Android

The train games are very exciting. There is always something to learn. Some of them develop a speed of reaction, other logical thinking. Traveling on the railroad is never boring. In addition to unforgettable adventures, the players learn a lot about the real life of railway workers. In the world of trains, a lot, if not all, depends on the time-shifted arrows, the amicably flashing semaphore, the tickets sold successfully, the correct registration of luggage and safe and profitable freight.

Train Simulator

Train Simulator 2016 is the continuation of a series of online games in the genre of train simulator, which in truth became a new turn in train simulators. Here you have to become a train driver, both passenger, and freight, and go on real routes, through which you can have fun. Dozens of different types of trains, starting with locomotives and ending with high-speed passenger trains, real-world routes, as well as interesting cargo delivery tasks.

When you start driving a multi-ton high-speed machine, there is only one inexplicable desire to move forward to check all the possibilities of this machine. You have to go through a difficult path, becoming a newcomer in managing the trains and achieving true professionalism. At the same, time dozens of modern trains arrive at your disposal, and you will have to travel on the most popular routes of the whole world.

Therefore, here you will have the opportunity to learn how to manage locomotives. You just need to do everything to get a license for the driver, which allows you to enter the competition for unique awards.

Train Sim

Trian Sim is a train control simulator where you can become a machinist and manage more than 30 types of trains, as well as enjoy a wide variety of urban and rural landscapes. You can choose the area in which you would like to drive the train: desert, mountain passes, a big city, a port area, a subway. In the Train Sim, even a toy train is available, which can be operated on the playground.

In addition to the toy train in Train Sim, you will find a huge number of locomotives and 25 other types of trains. In addition, the app contains detailed information on each of the available trains. While the train is moving, you can change the viewing angle and camera position, choosing between the classic rear view, the first person view from the locomotive cab, the side of the train, etc.

Train Sim is an excellent train simulator. And although it can not boast of excellent graphics, many options and a wealth of landscapes make this game interesting enough to try it.

TrainStation – Game On Rails

TrainStation – Game On Rails is one of the most famous and popular train simulators of different eras. In this game under your management and leadership, there are several trains in which there are a steam tractor and wagons. The wagons can be different by designation: some kind of cargo, some passenger … but any of them you have to send in a way so that the crews earn money and other in-game resources that you can spend on new trains, wagons, etc.

Create your railway empire from scratch and do everything possible to make your company flourish. To do this, it is necessary to build new roads, purchase the newest locomotives and comprehensively develop your Empire. The game is just a huge variety of trains. Their number has already exceeded 1000 units. The game

The game TrainStation – Game On Rails is an interesting and quite good railway simulator with a beautiful design of locations and interface. Perhaps the game will seem too simple for someone, but, of course, understandable and calm, it certainly will find its player.

Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is a puzzle game with a huge variety of solutions. Understand what’s what is very simple. However, it is difficult to become a master in this matter. Your tasks are simple and obvious – deliver the train to the destination station. Red trains – to red stations, blue trains to blue stations and so on. You control the trains, laying the iron tracks, according to which they will follow. You control trains by drawing paths that they will follow. There are no time limits or points – you just need to find the best solution for each puzzle.

The first few puzzles can seem pretty easy for you, but their complexity increases, you will need more practice in the basics. As the complexity progresses, use the theory of colors to combine trains of different colors, using time and all the abilities of your brain to earn more points.

Kids Trains

Kids Trains is a new arcade, offering your little machinists to take control of their own locomotive. Yes, and not one!

The newly-arrived railwaymen will have to drive their trains along incredible routes. On their way, there will be hills and tunnels, sandstorms and snow blizzards. But such trifles do not bother the true machinists. After all, the train should come strictly according to the schedule, regardless of the circumstances. A delay means losing honor. So be careful. This Android and iPhone game was created specially for kids.

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